About InfuseAI

InfuseAI is a prime machine learning company founded by a few elite industry experts in 2018. The company focuses on serving corporates striving to offer related development and data analysis results to their customers.

​With assistance from InfuseAI, the corporates, organizations and institutes are empowered to acquire, process and obtain insights from data and quickly see the results through the tailor-made solutions.

InfuseAI is currently developing turn-key solutions, such as PrimeHub, for customers to effortlessly kickstart their businesses without the need to do major investments and, more importantly, weight-lifting on machine learning.

Our Team

Chia-Liang Kao (clkao)


Liang-Bin Hsueh (hlb)


Juanna Chen

Operation Manager

Timothy Lee

Software Engineer

Chen-En Lu (popcorny)

Senior Engineer

Kent Huang

Senior Engineer

Ash Wu

Senior Engineer

Ching-Yi Chan

Senior Engineer

Eric Yang

Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Tiffany Lai

Administrative Assistant

Aaron Huang

Senior Engineer

Gabriel Lo

Tech Advocate

Jack Pan

Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Jack Lin

Software Engineer

Kristen Wei

Product Specialist

Arron Wu

Business Development Manager