About InfuseAI

InfuseAI is a prime machine learning company founded by a few elite industry experts in 2018. The company focuses on serving corporates striving to offer related development and data analysis results to their customers.

​With assistance from InfuseAI, the corporates, organizations and institutes are empowered to acquire, process and obtain insights from data and quickly see the results through the tailor-made solutions.

InfuseAI is currently developing turn-key solutions, such as PrimeHub, for customers to effortlessly kickstart their businesses without the need to do major investments and, more importantly, weight-lifting on machine learning.

Our Team

Chia-Liang Kao (clkao)


Liang-Bin Hsueh (hlb)


Juanna Chen

Operation Manager

Timothy Lee

Software Engineer

Chen-En Lu (popcorny)

Senior Engineer

Kent Huang

Senior Engineer

Ash Wu

Senior Engineer

Ching-Yi Chan

Software Engineer

Eric Yang

Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Tiffany Lai

Administrative Assistant

Aaron Huang

Senior Engineer

Gabriel Lo

Tech Advocate

Jack Pan

Software Engineer, Machine Learning