Effortless Deep Learning Nexus

Effortless infrastructure for Machine Learning

Setting up a machine learning environment is hard, but It is even harder to manage hardware resources, access control, group quota, datasets and more. Leave these to us, and focus on the true productivity.​

Our Product


PrimeHub is our machine learning platform for enterprises. You can have all-in-one machine learning environments in just one click.

InfuseAI_PrimeHub (Public)

PrimeHub Features

Cluster Computing

  • Rapid construction of research environments
  • Expansion to hundreds of nodes
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Supports to on-premises and cloud installations

One-click Research Environment

  • Develop interactively with Jupyter
  • Support various deep learning frameworks
  • Visualize training progress

Enterprise-class account management

  • 2FA user account protection
  • Support to Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Tools for internal auditing

Management of resource quota and privileges

  • Personal and shared group folders
  • Fine-grained quota allocation for members and groups
  • Resource access privilieges for groups

Our Clients

Taiwan AI Academy


AS GPU Cloud


E.SUN Bank



AI+ Plan from SYSTEX Corp