PrimeHub AI Platform

An all-in-one machine learning platform for enterprises in a single click

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PrimeHub provides a ready-to-use research and training environment for data scientists to focus on their true productivity in a collaborative environment. Backed by our on-premise and cloud solutions, we help boost your development efficiency not only by managing hardware resources, access control, datasets govern but also improve AI model time to market by MLOps workflow.

Our benefits are geting work done with more quality, but less effort

One-Click Model Training Environment

1. Interactive development with Jupyter Notebook
2. Support various deep learning frameworks
3. Visualize training progress

Cluster computing in the cloud or on-premises

1. Build a research environment rapidly
2. Scalable expansion to hundreds of nodes
3. Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Resource management for teams

1. Personal and shared group workspace with dataset governance
2. Fine-grained quota allocation
3. Resource access privileges for groups

Enterprise features

1. Support to Single Sign-On (SSO)
2. 2FA user accounts protection
3. Tools for internal auditing

Model Training Environment

Getting comprehensive Model API deployment status of each project.

Model Training Environment

Setting different authentication for different Model API deployments

Model Training Environment

Adjusting Model API deployment computing resources dynamically.

Model Training Environment

Checking every Model API deployment changelog.

Our features empower your data team

Cluster Computing
Rapid construction of research environments
Expansion to hundreds of nodes
Container orchestration with Kubernetes
Supports to on-premises and cloud installations
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One-click Research Environments
Develop interactively with Jupyter
Support various deep learning frameworks
Visualize training progress
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Easy Dataset Loading
Supports multiple forms of dataset loading
Automatic training data mounting according to group settings
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Management of Resource & Quota Privileges 
Personal and shared group folders
Fine-grained quota allocation for members and groups
Resource access privileges for groups
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Custom Deep Learning Environments 
Custom hardware specs of virtual machines
Supports multiple deep learning frameworks
Co-existence of multiple versions
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Enterprise-Class Account Management
2-factor authentication user account protection
Single sign-on support
Internal auditing tools 
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We support your model to run on anyway, anywhere 

Data Source
Jupyter Notebook
VS Code
R Studio
Workflow Intergration
Power Bi
Programming Language
Algorithm & Library
Model Operations
Teaching assistants on different sites can operate the PrimeHub platform with ease to complete all administration tasks for students to start immediately and focus on learning new things.
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Group 30


1. What is PrimeHub? 

PrimeHub is a on-premise machine learning platform that enables AI/ML teams to focus on their true productivity in a collaborative environment. PrimeHub helps administrators manage hardware resources, access control, group quota, datasets and more.

2. Who is PrimeHub primarily for?

Administrators/IT Leaders and Data Scientists. Administrators set up environments for the data scientists to use. They can create custom images and allocate resources to each user, then set up each users’ data access and group permissions. Data scientists are given a seamless ML experience with their own customized Jupyter notebook environment. 

3. Is PrimeHub Community Edition free? 

PrimeHub CE is our single node version of PrimeHub with basic features and  is available for anyone to use and contribute to. Visit our GitHub and ensure that you have the prerequisites you need to get started.  You can also visit our documentation site for more info. 

4. Can PrimeHub schedule jobs?

Yes. With our Job Submission feature, users are able to submit time-consuming jobs to run in the background, set a scheduled recurrence when creating a new job, or choose to run a job manually at a later time

5. How does group management and sharing data work? 

Administrators have the ability to add users to groups, and to allow groups access to specific data sets using the Admin dashboard.