How do we speed up research and model deployment?    

Start Jupyter with One-Click

  • One-click to start the fully functional JupyterLab environment.
  • The easiest way to do the infrastructure orchestration. No need to waste weeks on setting up 10+ different tools to build your infrastructure.
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Collaborate and Automate

  • Resource Management for Teams: Easily upload and manage datasets and shared resources.
  • Browse and share files with other group members in a collaborative, group-centric, environment.
  • Submit and schedule jobs to run automatically in the background. Easily monitor job progress from the job stats panel.
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Easily Deploy & Monitor

  • Data Scientists can examine the performance of versioned/registered models.
  • Monitor the status of model services including health and resource usage stats, and view deployment history and related logs
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Find how different roles use PrimeHub

data scientists

Data Scientist

Data scientists can stay informed and focused on training and running their models

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IT Leader

Gives IT leaders flexibility and administration authority to configure resources

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No matter the size of your business, we make solutions that work for you

Out of box AI SaaS

AIWin and InfuseAI together make AI adoption easy, helping customer saving 20% ​​of electricity costs, and an overall saving of at least 30%.

AI for better predictions on medical risks

PrimeHub speeds up the process and improves development efficiency. Now an hour is more than enough to bring a trained model online.

PrimeHub nurtures AI elites for Taiwan

All admin tasks can be performed easily and automatically on the PrimeHub platform, which can save 6,000 students x 8 hours of configuration time, and helps nurture AI elites for Taiwan.

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Our features empower your data team

Enterprise-Class Account Management
  • 2-factor authentication user account protection
  • Single sign-on support
  • Internal auditing tools
Custom Deep Learning Environments
  • Custom hardware specs of virtual machines
  • Supports multiple deep learning frameworks
  • Co-existence of multiple versions
Management of Resource & Quota Privileges
  • Personal and shared group folders
  • Fine-grained quota allocation for members and groups
  • Resource access privileges for groups
Easy Dataset Loading
  • Supports multiple forms of dataset loading
  • Automatic training data mounting according to group settings
One-click Research Environments
  • Develop interactively with Jupyter
  • Support various deep learning frameworks
  • Visualize training progress
Cluster Computing
  • Rapid construction of research environments
  • Expansion to hundreds of nodes
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Supports to on-premises and cloud installations

We support your model to run on any tool of your choice

Companies and institutes using PrimeHub

Chi Mei Medical Center
medical intergration

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