Apr 24 | 10:30 - 15:30 (GMT+8) | Taipei TW


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Inaugural Elevate Taiwan Summit

A half-day super summit with inspiring, informative, and action based insights from a global group of the best and brightest startup talent, who all happen to currently live in Taiwan. This will be a private, intimate event with only 90 attendees, a handpicked group of bright, curious engineers, hackers, and builders. It will be 3 hours of insightful discussion accompanied by a performance from Ivan Yanakov, a Carnegie Hall pianist, and a delicious lunch This will be a real-time bilingual event. There will be real time Chinese/English interpretation during the talks, with translators available throughout the event to help locals and foreigners connect.


Colin Ho [Former Lead Engineer at Space X]

Hear the inside story about SpaceX, one of the most exciting startups in human history. Colin will share his experiences leading top engineering teams tasked with building Mars-bound rockets, and talk about the “5 Most Surprising Engineering Insights I learned from SpaceX”.

Nish Bhat [Co-Founder of Color Genomics]

Color Genomics is one of the pioneers of the direct to consumer gene sequencing industry. Learn how Nish helped launch the company into consumer cancer risk analysis, expanded to population health scale, and then most recently pivoted to become one of the largest Covid testing platforms in the United States. Nish will talk about “the future of Biotech innovation and the 3 most exciting Science startup opportunities”.

Siqi Chen [CEO of Runway, former VP Growth Postmates (Acquired by UBER for $2.65B), Head of Product and Growth at Zynga ($12B), Angel Investor in over 100 startups including Clubhouse]

Siqi is one of the most well connected investors and operators in Silicon Valley. He’s personally funded 100s of well known startups, including Clubhouse. Siqi will give a talk about the “Magic and Superpower of Great Storytelling” - how you can use storytelling to convert billions of users (and investors, too!)

Clkao (Chia-liang Kao) [Founder of SVK, the initiative, and InfuseAI]

Clkao has been an active open source software developer since 2000. He is best known for creating SVK, a distributed version control system based on Subversion. He co-founded the initiative in 2012 and cofounded Elixir (for independent artists) with Audrey Tang. He launched his Taipei based startup InfuseAI (an MLOps platform) in 2018, which just raised a $4.3 million Series A.

Dave Fontenot [General Partner of Backend Capital, Founder of the Hack Fellows program]
Susan Wu [Angel Investor and/or Early Team @Square, Stripe, Twitter, Medium, Canva, Notion, Terraformation]
Cinnie Huang [Venture Capitalist at ITIC]
Rebecca Yip [Current Blockchain Startup Founder, Former Klook Product Manager]

Other exciting speakers - stay tuned!

Event information

Date: Apri 24th, 2021 10:30 - 15:30 (GMT+8)

Address: 104台北市中山區玉門街1號

Phone: 02 2182 8886