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In merely two years, the Academy has delivered 6,000 AI elites to 1,500 companies in electronics, information systems, services, healthcare and manufacturing fields to become their AI backbone.

From the beginning, the Taiwan AI Academy has become Taiwan's largest GPU computing cluster. With locations in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Southern Taiwan, the Academy believes that Taiwan can stay competitive with the development of AI, and it strives to realize the idea through higher-level education.

AI training environment shared by hundreds of students

In its early stages, the Academy deployed dozens of servers and a few hundred graphic cards for students to get hands-on experience on AI model constructions; however it’s an equally complex task to adequately distribute such resources among hundreds of people while maintaining stability of the entire system.

Since most students were new to AI development, the Academy called for an intuitive, friendly learning environment without the need to waste time on tedious configurations; and the system needed to be able to allow easy sharing of teaching materials, such as weekly sample files and AI model training data sets.

To meet the requirements, the Academy needed to build a multi-user, manageable computing platform in a relatively short period.

InfuseAI works very closely with the AI Academy to meet every teaching and learning need. Teaching assistants on different sites can operate the PrimeHub platform with ease to complete all administration tasks for students to start immediately and focus on learning new things.

Taiwan AI Academy

PrimeHub advantages in AI education

PrimeHub's intuitive interface allows teaching assistants to set-up student accounts, class materials and computing resource allocations in a snap. As AI libraries and class files evolve, assistants can also assign the environments for different library versions, as well as renew and test files before distributing them to the students.

With the self-service PrimeHub platform, students can activate their own development environments and obtain training files and data sets to start leaning on the interactive Jupyter Notebook. Thanks to the "container" model employed by PrimeHub, the completely isolated AI learning environments are able to accommodate hundreds of students. Furthermore, resources of the idle accounts can be reclaimed by the system for optimal utilization.

As the growing Academy established three sites in Hsinchu, Taichung and Southern Taiwan, InfuseAI helps each site to share the successful experience by moving the entire infrastructure to the centralized cloud for better overall resource efficiency and minimized interruption.

PrimeHub assists the top-rated educational institutions to build AI platforms for users to concentrate on AI development rather than painstakingly configuring the environments. It’s been a pleasure to partner with the Taiwan AI Academy to bring forth an artificial intelligence revolution to the industries of Taiwan.

Chia-Liang Kao, CEO of InfuseAI

PrimeHub for AI success

PrimeHub allows the Taiwan AI Academy to quickly build a multi-user computing management platform, with which teaching assistants across the four academy locations in Taiwan can easily complete administration tasks by setting up student accounts and class information; and students can skip the frustrating environment configuration process and instantly jump into learning. PrimeHub can gracefully handle hundreds of concurrent students and accelerate their learning success.

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Taiwan AI Academy

Established in early 2018, the Taiwan AI Academy unites resources from academia and corporations to foster growth in qualified talents for industries in need.

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