Our Mission

Fueling the future of AI adoption across industries.

InfuseAI launched in 2018 to help data teams generate business value with data. InfuseAI optimizes data workflows and assures data observability. This frees up teams to interact and innovate. With InfuseAI, you'll learn more about your data, build trust, and maximize the value of your data.

The life of an InfuseAI employee
Work at anywhere

InfuseAI is a fully remote company headquartered in Taiwan (GMT+8), we can choose a place where is convenient.

Use advanced technologies

We use various advance tools which make our workflow efficient.

Be the OSS Contributor

Reviewing and fixing open source software is our daily mission. See our wall of OSS contributions.

Share knowledge kindly

We like to share our insights to the community such as Medium, FB, twitter etc…

You will also have these benefits...
  • 15 days of paid leave every year
  • Computer equipment & office supplies
  • Flexible working hours
  • Personal allowance
  • Conference attending subsidy
Group 3
Group 10
Meet our team
Chia-Liang Kao

Chief Executive Officer


Liang-Bing Hsueh



Juanna Chen

Operations Manager

Timothy Lee

Senior Software Engineer

Chen-En Lu

Senior Software Engineer

Kent Huang

Senior Software Engineer

Arron Wu

Bussiness Development Manager

Even Wei

Senior Software Engineer

Teresa Lin

Head of Finance & Operations

David Flynn

Tech Advocate

Andy Chang

Software Engineer

Dennis Huang

Customer Success Engineer

Wei Chiou

Technical Project Manager

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