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Speeding up the implementation time by more than 50%.
Customers can complete the PoC in one day, and evaluate the adoption result in a week.


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Founded in 2016, AIWin Technology (AIWin) provides AI image recognition solutions for smart factories. The WinHub AI platform assists customers in completing services such as data cleaning, tagging, AI training and modeling, and software and hardware integration. Using the latest AI algorithms it’s possible to help enterprises quickly introduce AI technology, which is estimated to save more than 50% of the time for adoption and maintenance.

3 major pain points blocking AI landing: talent, effectiveness, and cost

Founded in 2016, AIWin provides image recognition AI solutions for smart factories. Its mission is to provide AI solutions to accelerate digital transformation and ESG for businesses. AIWin has accumulated experience in the adoption of AI for more than 30 companies in areas such as semiconductors, water resources, golf, textiles, and petrochemicals.

Founder and general manager of AIWin, Mr. Aaron Lin, analyzed that there are three major pain points when businesses adopt AI: difficulty to find talents; difficulty to evaluate; and high cost.

When adopting AI, besides data scientists and engineers, professionals with domain knowledge are also required to assist in defining problems. It is very difficult to build such a cross-disciplinary team given the current talent shortage in the high-tech industry.

Secondly, the success of AI adoption depends on various factors such as application scenarios, resources and infrastructure, algorithms and models, and data quality. Changes in any one element will affect others. For example, when the model changes, the equipment also needs to be adjusted. It is difficult for business owners to evaluate the effectiveness of AI adoption under such circumstances.

Finally, the cost of building the team and the complexity of the interaction of various factors, will directly or indirectly lead to the high cost of the project.

AIWin started to develop the WinHub.AI platform, a no-code AI SaaS, in response to these pain points to provide enterprises with the rapid adoption of AI.

Out of the box solution cuts PoC time to one day

Based on the accumulation of more than 20 fields and hundreds of proof-of-concept (PoC) in the past, AIWin has designed and developed the WinHub.AI platform, which makes evaluating the effectiveness of AI solutions much easier, and greatly reduces the cost of AI adoption. AIWin can also customize WinHub.AI according to individual needs, speeding up the implementation time by more than 50%. Customers can complete the PoC in one day, and evaluate the adoption result in a week.

AIWin provides a solution for enterprises to efficiently implement AI through WinHub.AI, but the scalability of WinHub.AI was also dependent on MLOps functions such as model management, data management, GPU allocation, and task scheduling. It was while considering whether or not to develop these features in-house, that AIWin discovered PrimeHub, the MLOps platform developed by InfuseAI. 

InfuseAI provides developer-friendly MLOps tools as a foundation

All AI solutions need MLOps as a foundation, from dataset management, model training scheduling, model version management, computing resource allocation, and more. AIWin considered developing these functions in-house, but after consideration found it would be too time-consuming, and not in line with the core values that AIWin provides.

PrimeHub adheres to the development tenet of "developer-centric" and "open-source" and provides developer-friendly integration functions such as an SDK and API. After several discussions and internal evaluations, AIWin decided to use PrimeHub as the basis to integrate MLOps functionality into the WinHub.AI platform. Through the cooperation between the two parties, AIWin has greatly shortened the product development time and provided its customers with a more complete AI import platform.

PrimeHub is an open-source platform with features that are easy to integrate and re-develop, which can greatly shorten our development time

Mr. Arron Lin, founder and general manager of AIWin

Rapid digital transformation through AI to practice ESG

In 2021, AIWin combined its AI expertise with InfuseAI's MLOps technology, together with the domain knowledge of water expert GSD Technologies, to integrate and develop a standardized AI SaaS-WaterOps platform to deliver smart water-related functions. The new platform makes it easy for companies with water needs to enjoy the value of AI.

At present, many enterprises are implementing corporate social responsibility (ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governance). Smart water affairs functions, such as AI image recognition of wastewater microorganisms and air bubbles, can help environmental engineers and water workers make more accurate decisions; reduce energy usage and chemical treatment waste and improve the effectiveness of quality control for reclaimed water - saving 20% ​​of electricity costs, and an overall saving of at least 30%.

Through the power of the AI ​​SaaS platform, companies can now verify their carbon footprint, clearly know their current state of energy age and produce a carbon footprint feedback report based on this data, allowing them to better meet ESG responsibilities.

AIWin and InfuseAI together make AI adoption easy

InfuseAI’s PrimeHub platform and API provides the link between importing datasets, training and creating models, all the way to model deployment  This allows AIWin to quickly construct MLOps functions in an automated and no-code way, while at the same time integrating AIWin's AI model as a no-code SaaS, helping enterprises in different fields to easily make use of AI solutions.

At present, in addition to increasing orders from existing customers, AIWin has business opportunities to expand in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

InfuseAI provides PrimeHub to play the role of automatic maintenance and scalability behind it, which is very convenient for development and saves a lot of manpower.

Mr. Arron Lin, founder and general manager of AIWin

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Founded in 2016, AIWin Technology (AIWin) provides AI image recognition solutions for smart factories. With AIWin's WinHub.AI no-code AI SaaS, customers can quickly own, build, and maintain AI without having to write programs and use it out of the box.

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