Rethinking Machine Learning Deployment: Data-Centric AI & Foundation Models

Dec 8 | 16:00 (GMT-8) | Online


About this event

As machine learning models being deployed at scale across the industry, the field is rapidly evolving and practitioners started discovering trends and lesson learned from operating such services.

With model now a commodity, the speed of iteration becomes the next challenge. In this talk, we will talk about how the data-centric AI movement and foundation models can help you speed up your ML iterations. and summarize the experience we learned from our customers to rethink the way we deploy and operate machine learning service in production.


Poga Po

Developed and maintained multiple machine learning projects in different domains: NLP, CV, ASR, and RTB. Being a software developer for 20+ years, now he’s using his experience in MLOps for helping people utilizing software 2.0 - machine learning to create their value faster and easier.